• Crowns

Why a Crown?

  • Porcelain Crowns or Metal/Porcelain Crowns can provide a beautiful and long lasting solution to restore your tooth.
  • They are sometimes used when a tooth is very badly broken down and a tooth cannot be filled.
  • Timely replacement of an old crown can remove any visible lines above the crown and improve appearance

Types of Crown

We use a variety of crowns at Earlsfield Dental Studios

  • Porcelain (Emax/Zirconia)
  • Porcelain with a metal substructure (PFM or PBC)

The best type of crown for you depends on many factors and your dentist will discuss this with you taking into account your requirements.

Why Us?

  • Dr Mat Lowis has many years of experience and has post graduate training in restorative and aesthetic dentistry
  • At Earlsfield Dental Studios we only use highly experienced technicians who are highly skilled in providing beautiful restorations

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