Why Veneers?

  • Veneers can provide a highly aesthetic solution for badly worn/ misshapen  or broken front teeth
  • They can be used to improve the shape or colour of one tooth or to completely change the appearance of your smile.
  • They can last many years if looked after by you
  • They can often be placed with minimal or zero preparation to your teeth.
  • The removal of tooth is kept to a minimum when we prepare for veneers and in some cases it may be possible to not remove any tooth.
  • Veneers provide a cover for the front of the tooth allowing the colour to be changed and the shape of the tooth to be altered for a number of reasons

Why Us?

  • Dr Lowis is highly experienced in the preparation of Veneers
  • Dr Lowis has completed a PG cert in Aesthetic dentistry
  • Here at Earlsfield Dental Studios we only use the highest Dental Laboratories
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