Why Root Canal Therapy?

  • To relieve pain or swelling when the nerve is dying or has died
  • To save a tooth, avoiding extraction which leaves a gap
  • To save a tooth which is badly broken down or cracked
  • It should be a painless procedure

How we Do Root Canal Therapy?

  • We get you very numb, so you cant feel anything!
  • We carefully remove the infection and the nerve of the tooth using the latest instruments
  • We disinfect the ‘root canal’ so the bacteria causing the infection are removed.
  • Your tooth will have between 1-4 roots, depending on the tooth
  • We fill the spaces where the nerves were, sealing the tooth up so the infection doesn’t come back and you stay pain free
  • We restore the tooth using a white filling, onlay or a crown.

Case carried out by Dr Lowis

Why Us?

  • Dr Mat Lowis is highly experienced at providing Root Canal Therapy with over 20 years experience
  • We use the latest equipment
  • We have created a beautiful, calm environment for you to be treated
  • We will provide music for you to listen to, or bring your own!
  • We are sensibly priced

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