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  • Our treatment plans are bespoke however this is an accurate guide to some more common individual treatment costs.
  • We keep our prices Transparent, Simple and Sensible.

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New Patient Consultation (including all X-rays): £59

Invisalign Consultation: Free (refundable deposit payable)**

Cosmetic Consultation: Free (refundable deposit payable)**

Anti Wrinkle Consultation: Free (refundable deposit payable)**

Implant Consultation: (including X-rays): £59

Emergency Consultation (including X-rays): £85

Existing Patient Examination: £49 (excluding xrays, these may be needed every 1-2 years)

** If you fail to attend a free consultation or do not give us 48 hours, working day notice, this deposit is non refundable. If you do not reclaim your deposit within 3 months of your appointment, it will be non refundable.

X Rays

Digital X-ray: £10 each


General Dentistry

Tooth Coloured Fillings (depending on size): £150- £300

Direct Composite Onlay: £350

Extraction (simple): £180

Extraction (complex): £350-£450

Extraction (wisdom tooth/ with oral Surgeon): £400-450

Root Canal Therapy(Incisor): £420

Root Canal Therapy(Premolar): £490

Root Canal Therapy (Molar): £590

All Porcelain Crown (Emax): £695

All Porcelain Crown (Zirconia): £695

Metal/Porcelain Crown (PBC): £695

Core for a crown: £150

Porcelain Inlay/Onlay(Emax): £680

Porcelain Bridge (per unit): £680

Porcelain/Metal Bridge(per Unit): £680

Hygiene Treatments

Hygienist Appointment: £ 79

Hygienist Appointment (new patient- direct access): £95

Treatment of Gum Disease from £150



Invisalign System Express: £1850

Invisalign System Lite: £2890

Invisalign System Comprehensive: £3890

Invisalign Vivera Retainers x3 sets(upper and lower): £400

Essix Retainer Single (one arch) £160

Essix Retainers x1 set(upper and lower): £240

Essix Retainers x2 sets (upper and lower): £320

All Invisalign Treatments include free tooth whitening and a free set of essix retainers

Interest Free credit Available


Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneer (Emax): £700

Composite Bonding: £150-£350/tooth

Composite Veneer: £350

Tooth Whitening: £330(night or day), including trays.


Implant Dentistry

Implant (Including Crown): from £2500

(The Reason this says ‘from’, which is a word we try to avoid, is that with an implant sometimes more extensive procedures are needed such as ‘sinus grafts’ and ‘bone grafts’. Also more extensive scans maybe required such as a CBCT scan. You will of course be given an accurate quote after your consultation process)

This list is not exhaustive, your treatment plan will be bespoke, however this does give an accurate representation of our most common treatments.

* A deposit of at least £30 payable on booking (depending on treatment) It will be fully refundable as long as appointment is kept and is not cancelled within 48 hours

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