• Prevention

Prevention at Earlsfield Dental Studios

What can be prevented?

  • Cavities
  • Gum Disease
  • Broken teeth caused by tooth grinding
  • Erosion of teeth caused by acid in food
  • Oral Cancer

This is most dental disease- We will work with you to reduce future problems

Why Us?

  • If caught early and monitored such things may be  treated with minimal intervention.
  • We recommend regular examinations so any issues we have identified can be monitored over time. and treated only if appropriate.
  • Treatment can then be suggested if we notice a deterioration but we mainly want to work with you to improve things by helping you improve the way you clean your teeth, offering diet advice if needed.
  • Of course sometimes treatment will be needed and Earlsfield Dental Studios offers a full range of dental treatments!

Gently improving things by working with you.

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